Enjoy Your Life.

>> Friday, September 30, 2016

Well I'm still married although this year was a really a rocky start. Being able to volunteer and be engaged in the life I enjoy saved may sanity. I've learned that being too involved in fixing a marriage is not the way to go. It only digs a deeper hole. Choose your battles as they say is like planting a seed and then you must give it time to grow in patience and silence.

As you wait for the seeds to grow you continue doing what you enjoy. Volunteering at the hospital has been the best thing ever for me. After 6 months I missed a few days here and there due to soccer games and practices for my son. I had not realized how much I accomplished until I wrote and email thanking the organizer for this great opportunity. I have copied and paste below. Remember to enjoy your life as a separate entity to your spouse.

"Good morning. I was happy to see the new batch of volunteers who have joined us on the Oncology ward. I had a great time with the children this season. I still have the voice recording of one of the young ladies singing to me, great memories of playing trains for three hours, off and on with one young man, making one infant child laugh with peek a boos, holding the abandoned baby while singing and walking the halls to soothe her, watching a movie with a young boy who was in pain and waiting for his father to arrive from a late shift at work, having a grown up conversation with a young lady who appeared to be way before her time, making bracelets with two sisters, bringing toy cars to a child who was on his way home and getting a big hug from him, playing Uno and watching good sportsmanship from"the Mayor" of our floor who I was lucky enough to meet about 4 times with her wonderful mother, also using my little college Spanish to bring a family to the pizza event where her son left with the coolest give away cap, Cheering from the outside of a quarantine room for each drawing a young boy held up. He laughed each time at my silliness. I forgot to mention the future teacher whose eyes lit up at the journal from the supply cabinet.There are so many more stories.Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity."