>> Friday, November 29, 2013

 The Red Ribbon

Three years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity of being a keynote speaker at graduation for my former High School. My address to the students was based on the fact that when they leave they will be judged by the school they attend, clothing they wear and even by their names and birthplace.

Recently, I had to use the main point of that speech. I spoke about being free and freeing themselves from all labels others may place on you. To go and acheive any goal they set out to do. I gave an example of a story I had heard about training elephants. The people use a conditioning system for chaining the ankle of the elephant. After some time the add a red ribbon tied around the same chained ankle. Then again, after some time the chain is removed only leaving the red ribbon.

As you can guess, the elephant will not leave or run away as he sees the red ribbon, he thinks he is still chained. For many of us we may be called names and labeled, making us unable to set or achieve our goals. Cut the red ribbons in your life. You are free to do as you choose and conquer your dreams. Do not let anyone label you and worst of all do not label yourself.

The Advisor, MA, QMHP