Happy 3rd Year Anniversary Live Ever After!

>> Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy 3rd Year Anniversary Live Ever After!


As we wind down to the end of LEA's 3rd anniversary blog celebration, I would like to thank you for visiting and for all who made comments. I truly appreciate it. Here are some party favors. If you would like more refer to the end of last year's party gifts on October 28, 2011.

To see the beginning of the celebration scroll to the bottom and click older posts. Every year we end the celebration with a DIVA. Years before were Beyonce and Joss Stone. Next up we will close out and reveal this year's Diva Entertainer in just a few minutes.

Here are this years gifts for visiting Live Ever After:


Cool Time Zone Map

Kindle Reader

Free Target Samples

Free Lifescript Samples

Universe (A Planitarium on your computer. Your kids will love it).


The new thing now adays is taking relationship and marriage quizzes. It's just to get the conversation started when one needs to connect emotionally or physically with their spouse. For newly married couples you really don't need to take the quiz at this point. Also warning, if you do not do well on the test it does not mean your marriage is over, just that you may need a little help and input.
Try these by clicking "Quiz":


Let's continue with the music of Bruno and Justin.
Aaah, young love.


Speaking of parties. We now bring you to our commercial break. Are you looking to do something different for your children's birthday party? Do you feel limited by the same birthday options? Are others around you using the same popular marketing brands that can become boring each year?

Want something different and fun for the kids? Have you heard of MAD SCIENCE? They are an afterschool program, a summer camp program and they host birthday parties. My sons love Mad Science. We have attended the after school program on a few occasions. They have a variety of hands on science adventures from junior detectives to secret agents, indoor fireworks, chemical reations and more.

For more information contact them at
Mad Science


We have heard samples of country and pop music, lets shift to Flo Rida and Taio


Keeping Promises.

Well I have to make good on my promise to four people, which demands honesty and opportunity to make a wrong right. I am sharing this in hopes that they will be gracious and that maybe it will motive someone else to do the same.

So here it goes. As I was writing my three year get ready anniversary post, I remembered that last year's winners did not receive their gifts I promised to send via postal mail. I would have been a hypocrite to continue this anniversary blog party and not speak with them.

So I contacted the blogger via email to explain that upon moving to this state, I would have a job at the time to fund the prizes. A year later I received work. Now in NY it is never difficult to find work and did not realize it would be a lot more complicated, once I moved here. I could only hope that my fellow bloggers would be graceful and understanding.

So everyone replied to my email except one blogger. I can't tell you how relieved I was just for the communication as I meant no harm. One blogger stated, log on to my blog more often and basically we're even. Then I got to thinking, just point everyone to these blogger's blog sites as well as making good on my promise.

So here are the blogs that I would love for you to check out:

Well, that was as hard as I thought it would be.

  The Advisor


Here's Blake and Brad featuring Carrie: