Don't Be So Serious.

>> Thursday, October 06, 2011

Don't be so serious. Laugh a little. It's like a yawn it is infectious! (Did you just yawn hearing the word yawn?) When the bills are piling and the kids are fighting and someone at work is talking about you and there are issues with relatives and in-laws and you still haven't been able to do that one thing you enjoy, put a smile on your face and start making fun of life.

Be light hearted, share funny things with your spouse which you read online. My husband shared this caption with me last night: (Picture of a man standing and looking on the inside of a car, speaking to a woman driver). Heading: "Real Male Prostitution" Man: Hey baby, I'll talk with you all night long. (Get it? Women want to talk, even if she has to pay a male solicitor).

He enjoys sharing funny things he sees online with amazing pets and funny lol videos. It really has made me lighten up. It has been infectious and I decided to play more with the kids. I haven't played Uno in some time with my six year old who I let win more times than I want to admit and I enjoyed scaring my eight year old who found it expectant for mommy to be childish. How sad as I haven't been immature for them as often as I used to before they got" big boy" homeworks.

I played a joke on my husband and he was impressed. But repaid me well when he was speaking of all the new things he would get. One of which I shook my finger in his face while he was driving and said as long as you don't come home with a hot babe. He then stated, "What do I need with a hot babe, I have one at home, what I need is a cool babe"!

Have fun, enjoy the moments, create fun times and don't be so serious!


Unknown October 12, 2011 at 12:02 PM  

That was a really funny comment on his part!

The Adviser October 19, 2011 at 10:25 PM  

It was wasn't it. My Joke was funny too but a bit to intimate for this forum ; ) Thanks for your comments as always.