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Today, I would like to highlight a dear friend who is a wife and mother. I love when women take hold of their dreams and bring it into fruitation. She has just opened a line of Spa Products and already business is booming. I know her to be true to whatever she sets her mind to do. You can visit her website, below her introduction and comments from consumers.

Who am I?
by Monique McCullough on 04/12/11

Hey everyone!

This is a big deal for me. I'm embarking on a journey thats a lifetime in the making. Creating these products has been life changing. I've been asked what inspired the SpaDiva line. Several things. I Love the Spa Industry!!! I was blessed to work in it for several years as a massage therapist and a Director. I was able to work with amazingly talanted people who taught me so much. I have created treatments and tested hundreds of products. I've become a bit of a product JUNKIE!!!! I'm also very, very picky!!! Just ask my husband and my bestie Kami!!! I love my Family and Friends deeeply and want them to have the absolut best! I am terribly concerned about what I put on my skin and hair or what I use on my family. This line was born from a desire to have and share the safest and the best products that I can. Having said that I'm curious to hear from you. What motivates you? What do you want or need in your skin/hair care products? In your life? What gets you moving? Let me know what makes you a SpaDiva!!!

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1. Tanya Ndip said on 4/13/11 - 08:00AM

Monique, I am so pleased you have found your niche for marketing your amazing products! The site looks awesome. I'd like some packages for Mother's Day! I honestly believe your blood line traces back to Eygpt. I think is the way you carry yourself and how you present yourself. You are definitely from Royalty and so glad you are providing folks with products that enhance that inner beauty. May everything you touch and create turn to gold. God Bless you , Tanya Ndip
2. Veronica Hickman said on 4/25/11 - 12:03AM

I must agree, anything dealing with the word Spa I love! Today we live in such a rush society that everything is microwave-quick. The idea of having products that are made from all natural ingredients puts my mind at ease, especially knowing that the person (Mrs. Monique- The Spa Diva!) in charge has a sincere interest in making the best products ever! I am on for the ride! Watch out World there is a new Diva in Town!!! God Bless! Veronica Hickman
3. Crystal Marrow said on 4/25/11 - 01:11PM

Hey girl Love the site love the product. I am so happy you are able to do something for self and bring everyone alone on the ride.. I think it's great when you can focus on the things that god has created, that's pure and place it in a bottle.
4. Ida Norman said on 4/25/11 - 11:04PM

You Go Girl! Thank you so much. Your product has assured me that if you have a passion for something you will put your best foot forward. I can say you have done it. This is the best and only product that does not leave my hair dry and brittle. And I am talking for the last fifteen years. I have been shopping around for something that would agree with my hair. This is it. I actually like the way my hair feels, clean and baby soft. Thank you so much. Ida Norman
5. Faith Jeanty said on 4/26/11 - 07:39PM

I just absolutely love your tea tree scented hair butter! Because of the pure ingredients it allowed me to not only use it in my hair but on my hands. It is smooth, creamy and long lasting. My husband even loved it. I will definitely be ordering more.
6. Mously Le Blanc said on 4/29/11 - 07:06PM

Congrats Spa Diva!!! You really have created some AMAZING products. I loved the Coconut Cream Body Scrub!! It has an amazing scent that even my husband loved- and he hates coconuts!! The scent is so soothing and relaxing. I always use it when I feel stressed out need a quick fix to calm me down. The scrub leaves my skin feeling so smooth and hydrated- ALL DAY LONG. The scrub was effective in removing layers of dead skin but wasn't harsh on my skin at all. It was gentle and yet so effective. Thanks again Spa Diva for making amazing products that really make you feel like you've spent a day in the Spa without having to paying like you did. :o)

*Platinum Spa Diva*

*Spa Diva/Mom Diva*