>> Thursday, October 28, 2010

How was "Live Ever After" Created?

I was working at my former job and in the office, was myself and another full time employee. There was also two students. We all have a great relationship. Coming to work was always fun and very productive. The other full time worker is a professional Jazz Singer and Songwriter. She would tell us of all her travels and gigs to which we visited a few. She also has her own website and blogs about her adventures. One day she showed us her blog and said how easy it is to create one. That day we all started a blog calling ourselves the "office bloggers". Of course we blogged after work and checked out each others site when we had the opportunity.

One of the students who worked in the office blogged about love and dating from a male perspective. It was very interesting. The other student incorporated her major for advertising with her love for fashion. That one was also a big hit. Mine, took a few days as all the names I wanted for my blog was taken, so I had to be creative; Live Ever After (happily). This was the birth of my blog as a wife and mother. Then there was our songstress, Tessa Souter. She is becoming a sensation is Europe, specifically, Russia. You can find her blog here. You can also visit her website at Tessa Souter. Feel free to buy some of her cd's and check out her latest gig in the states as well as abroad.

*Tessa, darling, thanks for helping me to start this wonderful blog. You are an amazing person and I am very grateful for you. I wish you much success and happiness in you singing career. Lots and lots of love.