Unconditional Love-Mother's Love Brings Life to Newborn

>> Sunday, September 05, 2010

This is the story of a mother's love. A newborn who was pronounced dead and two hours later he literally, came to life! This mother held her son's body and spoke gently to him, believing he was dead. The one to two minutes given to all parents to say their goodbyes turned into a little over two hours, with both the mother, father and his twin sister. You can see the video here. (If you are unable to see the video, you can also read the account).

It reminds me of Attachment Theory by John Bowlby. He theorized how important the touch of the caregiver and the positive effects of nursing while holding an infant, as the soothing of the mothers heart beat while being held promotes security and safety. This theory gave birth to a whole new movement in Attachment Theory, with research done by Mary Ainsworth. Mental Health Professionals continue to implement this theory as every nursery within hospitals swaddle newborns and there is a host of work being done in attachment as it relates to adults. Lack of touch as an infant has shown to be damaging on the child psyche and I have heard no touch can even lead to death.

As for this story, it is the complete opposite. This mother's physical warmth, her soothing words, his ears on her heart, all remedies for life. First he made movement then his eyes opened. Simply amazing. There is definitely a future in the psychological sciences for this type of accidental experience.

I still cannot believe it. This mother is also amazing to have almost lovingly "coached" the baby to life even when she was saying her goodbyes. I'm speechless.