Missing New York

>> Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I miss New York so much. Although I am enjoying Virginia, home is such a special place. As a family we are settling in and have thrown away a lot of boxes. It seemed as though they were taking over. My husband and boys have gone on their annual Father's Son Camping trip and I am left with a sense of peace. Especially at night when I was suddenly aware of no noise; not even a car driving by. It was almost madness, if I hadn't worn myself out purposely from work in our new place. I finally down loaded my last minute pictures from my phone before coming here. The pictures in the Amusement Park is from the new Coney Island. They received funding so it will no longer be closed. At least no time soon. I went to a wedding and took pictures of their cake. I love weddings. I have pictures of New York from New Jersey at night and by day. You'll see my former train station in the Bronx with the famous landmark building that was once a Fort. Then I took two great shots of City College on my last day of work. That was hard for me. The picture of the gathering of people was taken at the end of church. Lastly my boys wanted to go running on the track in Riverbank State Park. They looked up and said, "mommy take a picture of the sky, it's so beautiful". Uhh, migration. It's a lot of work. To all who have moved out of state or country, I would like to say, "We are not worthy".