Jealousy 4

>> Monday, July 19, 2010

Honestly, the competition between my two sons seems to be escalating . This post is a perfect time to write the next segment to my series on Jealousy. I went to a wedding on Saturday and near the end of it spoke to this mother who had two adorable daughters. I said something to the effect, "I always wondered what it is like to have two girls. As you can see I have two boys and they can be so spirited". She stated, "I do know what you mean it is the same way sometimes with girls. They can be competitive and energetic as well. I was so encouraged that she understood me. I love speaking to other mother's they give you some sanity to understanding life as a parent. I am reading a book given to me recently on understanding boys. (I will post a review when I am finished, as I like to do). The first paragraph to this book says the primary job for parents of boys is just keep them alive until they are young adults who can care for themselves. I laughed so hard at this harsh reality.

They have arguments about many things based on who has more and why I get less..., who had this item first, why does he get to..., how come you gave him that color..., hey I wanted...., that's no fair..., no, I got t the car first...., (snatch) that's mine..., don't drink my drink..., This is the basic competition.

The competition based on jealousy is said by both and goes something like this:

I want to sit next to mommy. I want to hold mommy's hand to cross the street. How come you gave him a hug and kiss. How come you read to him. How come he can help you cook. You did not rub my head last time I couldn't sleep, why does he get the last drop of juice, why did you give him the nicer or gooder one, how come you let him go..., why does he get to help you?

All sweet, but a bit nerve wrecking. I love my boys and I get to see jealousy in it's purest form. They say children make you mature and wiser. I see why. You can influence them but they can influence you as well. I am learning to curb my jealousy as it can be cute but has a boundary for driving the person you love crazy.