In Honor of Mother's Day

>> Wednesday, May 05, 2010

So Mother's Day is coming and I wanted to write something in honor of this special day. I was "surfing the blog scene" and saw someone who wrote about 10 of her favorite things. It was really funny. I started thinking, maybe I could write 10 of my favorite things about my mother for Mother's Day. Please feel free to take my idea and run with it as we all inspire each other. And to you, thanks for all you do. Have a Happy and Wonderful Mother's Day!

O.k., this is what I came up with:

1. I love her laugh especially when telling a good story.

2. I love that she's grown to be more affectionate. As a teenager she did not give hugs and kisses very easily. Now she can be too affectionate, but who am I kidding, I love it.

3. She literally pushed me through school and set an example for me by getting her Masters.

4. She was super supportive and said, "I know you can do it" when I failed my road test, not once but three times before I finally got my driver's license.

5 .The way she is supportive of my siblings and her two son in laws.

6. The way she was there for the birth and care of my two children.

7. She raised me and my brother alone having come from overseas; she got an apartment, a job, started school and studied for her citizenship. Today there are four of us and we reap the harvest of her sacrifices.

8. She rarely says no.

9. She uses her resourcefulness to help others, sometimes through their extreme hardships and without complaining.

10. Some people say they do not want to grow up and be like their parent. I am grown up and continue to strive to be like her as she is a beautiful woman.