>> Friday, April 30, 2010

Today is the last day of National Poetry Month and I wanted to end it with "His Eyes Dimmed", as it reminds me of a time I was a newlywed and this one night I was, let's say, too quick with my mouth. I love this poem as it is so heart felt.

His Eyes Dimmed
, by Petrina Yemane

Never before have I seen the light washed from his eyes. That's when I realized he cries. Once such a happy face that took the shape of an invincible man, for the words I used were so strong cutting him deep, he could no longer stand. My prince now sat in rags and through his dimmed eyes I caught, a glimpse of his scared heart. Cursed is the tongue that holds truths untold, to proclaim thoughts so pompous, so bold. Oh no, reverse time, don't let it slip, hold fast, too late, I tripped. Over the words which would bring disease and now it cannot be seized, for that's when I saw it; his eyes dimmed.

The cushion has become a dagger. His spirit lost is what's sadder. My love, my life, I apologize. Deserving not, were the tears from your eyes. Restitution must and will be made. For it is your companionship that I crave and it's your love that will save. With all that's been said and done, there is no knowlegde made sane, no passion contained, no elements of power that may harness love. Lessons learned, proven correct, aah the spoken word, wisely one must select. Now though my words are to blame, I have changed. From this time on life will not be the same. Strive build up, put courage into, these are just a few I recite. Proud you will be to call me wife. And I promise that forever and a day, I will carry your scar, from that day, when your eyes...dimmed.
-Art in its written form, Copyright 2005, www.amazon.com