>> Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An email was sent to me recently that gave me such a jolt. I was upset at my husband because he was upset at me (you know how that goes). Then I read this email sent to me by a longtime friend. The email heading was "Do It While You Can". The email told a story of a woman whose husband had died. She had discovered the meaning of the word "anymore", that sometimes there isn't "anymore". No more hugs, phone calls, words of goodbye or I love you. So while you can love, care, fix and heal you should do so. It goes on to say we are all "Keepers" and that we could be the ones to go tomorrow. Would those in your life know how much you care for them?

It reminded me of of Ramon Cruz a postal worker who just helped me at the post office. He went over and beyond helping and I told him he should get a raise. He smiled and I felt such a warm vibe from him. Three weeks later I went back and a picture of him was hanging with directions to his funeral. He retired December 31st and two days later died. I was in shock and the woman behind me on line started crying as she said she knew him to be the nicest person for the last 3 years. She left the line stating she would have to come back later. The picture of him showed the same warm smile.

To all of you, you have impacted me each in so many wonderful ways. Thank you and all the best in everything you put your hands to do. And to my husband I love you more than life. I am no longer angry and can't wait till he comes home to tell him I love him. Please be inspired to do the same for someone you are thinking of.